Director’s Message

We want to develop long-term relationships with our customers and see excellent service as the key to achieving lasting one.

To face our competitors we plan to become larger, stronger, and more versatile. Plant Remedies was formed to take the products available in eastern India in the beginning. We have developed the competence to manage synthesis and formulation with reliable suppliers in India. Our supply chain efficiently services customers in 11 states of Eastern India and Nepal and we are learning to apply our regulatory skills everywhere.

Over the last century, technology in agriculture has changed the world. Millions have moved on from working the land; industries have developed as brainpower is redirected. We’re proud to play a big part in this massive contribution. A tremendous passion for agriculture, the science and business of it, courses through our company veins.

We believe our present prosperity owes a great deal to the promising state of Bihar. Bihar is developing very fast as compared to other parts of India and the land of this region is most fertile for growing all types of crops and plantations. With the availability of good soil, water level, and low-cost labour, the potential for the growth of agriculture in the eastern sector is very bright in the years to come.

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